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Stereo Bluetooth Module Update #1

I want to build a circuit that can wirelessly play music… what do I do?

An excellent module that I managed to find was the MH-M18 Bluetooth Stereo Module. This is a quick, cost-effective way to add bluetooth audio streaming to your projects! I ordered a few and when I received them, I soldered header pins onto them to make them breadboard compatible.

I then used the wiring diagram above to get an idea of how to hook things up. The operation of this module is pretty simple: you power it, you pair to it and then play audio through Bluetooth, and then it outputs stereo signals through its L/R/GND pins.

As you can see above, a stereo cable’s connector is divided into three parts for Left Audio, Right Audio, and Ground. This is how audio signals are transferred and played through speakers and other devices.

So in order to pass the MH-M18’s outputted stereo signals, they need to be connected to a stereo cable’s pins like the diagram above.

How do we do this without actually soldering to the stereo cable and creating a neat breadboard circuit?

The answer is an audio jack breakout board. By soldering header pins to the pads, we can place this on our breadboard circuit and easily connect this to our MH-M18 module.

And that’s all I have for this update, in the next I’ll show my breadboard circuit and test the sound output to see how it goes.

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