• The possibilities are endless with the Arduino 8x8 LED Matrix Starter Kit by Cohen Electronics! This kit has everything included to begin controlling an RGB LED panel with an Arduino microcontroller. Create your custom patterns, images, animations, scrolling text, and more using an 8x8 WS2812B LED matrix and Arduino. This kit comes with: -Arduino Nano -Mini USB Cable -Breadboard -Male to Male Wires -(x2) 220 ohm resistors -(x1) 1000uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor -5V 4A Power Supply -DC Barrel Jack Adapter -8x8 WS2812B RGB LED Matrix Panel
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  • Easily build your own music player with our D.I.Y Music Player Electronics Learning Kit! This kit will give beginners and hobbyists a chance to get started building their own electronics project. All parts and video tutorials are provided so anyone to quickly get started with their new music player project.
  • An excellent kit for electronics hobbyist and beginners to gain hands-on experience in soldering! This kit includes all the necessary components to create a robot that can follow a track made of 2 cm electrical tape. The tape can be cut to create custom tracks for the robot to drive on. A fun, interactive kit to both older ones and kids 12+ The finished result is a robot that has light sensors on the bottom-front side to detect the electrical tape. The photoresistors on the robot will detect the light from the red LEDs. This will control the robot's steering and cause it to follow the track created from black tape.
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