We provide project consultation to discuss, plan, and create your project.


With years of experience in programming Arduino-based microcontrollers, we can provide one or more of the following services and features to help create your prototype device.


Circuit Design

We have experience in creating circuits with Arduino, so we can perform the assembly required for the project.


Have a device connect to the internet and push information onto a cloud based service or pull information from the web.

Bluetooth Control

Incorporate Bluetooth functionality into your Arduino project to add wireless control to your device.

Mobile App Development

We can design simple Android and IOS apps for your project. Users will can have the ability to interact with your device through Bluetooth connectivity handled within the app.


Your device can contain sensor modules to record various forms of information such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, light intensity, distance, and much more.

Radio Communication

Some projects require a few devices to communicate with each other over long distances. We have worked with Arduinos that are integrated with LoRa radios for long-distance communication.

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