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Neolight Soldering Kit Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll go through the steps of how to solder the Neolight Audio Reactive LED Controller! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned electronics enthusiast, the kit uses through-hole components so anyone can solder it.

Received an assembled kit? Click here to skip the soldering process and move onto the final setup steps.

What You’ll Need

To solder the Neolight project, you will need the following items:

  • Soldering Station

  • Rosin Core Solder Wire
  • Silicone Soldering Mat (optional, this is for protecting the surface you are soldering on)

The following items are strongly recommended:

  • Wire Cutter or Wire Stripper (either one is fine and will be used to cut the excess leads of the components)

Component Overview

The kit comes with all the components below:

Make sure you gather all the components above in preparation for soldering. The top of the board (as shown in the picture above) is the side with all the component labels. This is the side we’ll be using to tell us where to put each components.

It’s best to work on a flat surface. Ideally, you should work on top of a surface that you don’t mind getting scratched or marked because we’ll be working with a hot solder iron. In my setup, I’m using a blue silicone soldering mat that’s heat resistant. It’s fine if you don’t have one, just try not to solder right on top of your expensive dinner table!


One you have gathered the items above, turn on your soldering iron and follow the following video tutorial to put together your Neolight board!

Final Steps

Once you have completed the soldering process, you can perform the following steps to begin using your Neolight board:

1) Use an aux cable to connect your computer to the Neolight “Audio In” port. When you play audio on your computer, the Neolight will receive an incoming audio signal through here.

2) Use an aux cable to connect the Neolight’s “Audio Out” to an external speaker. This is so the audio signal passes through the Neolight board and then is able to play out loud on a speaker.

3) Connect your 60 LED WS2812 strip to the Neolight via the JST SM connector.

In case you would like to use the input of the screw terminal and not the JST SM connector, here is the pinout for the terminal:

4) Power on the Neolight by connecting the “5V In” port to a 2.1mm DC jack from a 5V 4A power adapter.

5) Play music and see the LEDs react to the audio!

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