AC Outlet Motor Kit


Our AC Outlet Motor Kit is a 12 volt DC motor driver system that drives up to four motors with a radio remote and Bluetooth smartphone app. It has a built in AC to 12V DC converter to supply power to the motor controller and motors.

Quick and Easy Setup

No hard-to-follow or complicated instructions. The AC kits have a simple setup process so anyone can get them going in minutes.

AC Powered

Powering the kit is as simple as connecting the plug to an outlet. The power converter within the kit converts standard 120V AC to 12V DC for the motor controllers and motors.

Bluetooth Enabled

The kits include a complimentary Bluetooth Android and IOS app. Simply download the app, connect to the kit, and control your motors.


The motor controller system of the kit operates only with 12V Linear Actuator DC motors and provides four polarity reversing outputs. The motor driver has terminal blocks for connecting the input power and output to the 4 polarity reversing relay outputs.

Over Current Protection:

The motor driver portion of the kit has current detection functionality that will disconnect an output when the output exceeds 10 Amps. When multiple outputs are activated, the total current of all active outputs are monitored. The sum of the current for all outputs will trip the current shutdown when 80 Amps is exceeded. When the current shutdown activates, all outputs are shutdown for 5 seconds. After the 5 second reset time the output can be activated by the pressing the corresponding switch on the transmitter.

The system will monitor the current trip circuit and will allow the outputs to be activated 3 separate times when a current trip threshold occurs. After the third consecutive current trip occurs within a one-minute time period the receiver will turn off all outputs and the program LED will start to flash. The input power to the receiver must be turned off and then back on to re-activate the system. This is a safety feature to protect the receiver and connected loads, and alerts the user there is an over-current condition that should be resolved.

Momentary/Latching Outputs:

The RF remote controls the motors only in a momentary setup meaning the motor turns as the user holds the button. The smartphone app has a default momentary button setting, a latching mode (user taps button on screen to turn motor then tap again to stop it) can be easily set within the app.


RF remote and Bluetooth connection have approximately 100 feet of range.

The RF remote is designed to be waterproof to an IP65 level (protection from dust, rain and water spray). It is not deigned to be submerged.


To view the AC outlet kit warranty, click here.


To view the troubleshooting guide, click here.

Bluetooth Connect to Solar Kit

App Name: Louvered Roof Controller V2

Once the kit is powered, it will be Bluetooth discoverable. When placing an order, you can specify the amount of motors each kit will operate which will lead to its Bluetooth name.

Ex: Ordering a kit to drive three motors will be Bluetooth discoverable as “Louvered-3″.

Directions for Android and iPhone users:

  • Open the Louvered Roof Controller V2 app.

  • Tap on “Louvered-X” device to connect.

  • You can now operate the solar kit motor outputs with the user interface.

App Screenshots

Mobile App Screenshot – 1 Motor System

Mobile App Screenshot – 2 Motor System

Mobile App Screenshot – 3 Motor System

Mobile App Screenshot – 4 Motor System